Louis Stiehm

Louis Stiehm brings over two decades of home construction experience to his career as a real estate broker, giving him unique insight in not only home sales but also remodeling, negotiation, and business management. He offers his clients exceptional listening and communication skills, and has worked well with many different types of people on their individual needs in the housing market. Louis specializes in both residential home sales and investing in buildings ranging from 2-flats to 7-flats.

A resident of Chicago for 20 years, Louis has worked as a remodeling contractor throughout the entirety of the city and suburban regions, giving him exceptional, in-depth knowledge on the many different types of properties throughout each different neighborhood. He has particular expertise in the areas south of Belmont to Roosevelt, as well as the neighborhoods between Lake Michigan and Oak Park. Outside of his work as a realtor, Louis enjoys a number of activities, including spending time outdoors either biking or swimming in the lake, collecting vinyl jazz records, building furniture from reclaimed wood and remodeling his home using clay-based paints he has made himself. He is highly interested in sustainable living practices such as urban and vertical farming, and is currently building an aquaponics station within his own basement.

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